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          Born in 1985, Vinda brand is committed to providing high quality hygiene products and services for consumers. In 1989, Vinda launched the first napkin made with 100% imported virgin wood pulp in domestic market and then strives to provide high-quality household tissue products for Chinese consumers.Vinda brand has earned the trust of hundreds of millions of consumers by more than 30 years’ of continuous innovation and progress.

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          Tempo is a premium tissue brand born in Germany, 1929.Tempo has been sold to many European countries in its history of more than 90 years. It leads the sales in Germany, Italy, Sweden and Austria, and has ranked the 1st in sales volume in Hong Kong SAR,China for consecutive years.

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          Tork, the leader in professional hygiene, since 1968. We offer professional hygiene products to public areas such as commercial, hotels, restaurants, Café, public interests and industries, so as to help customers get ready for business and create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for people.

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          incontinence care丨vinda professional

          Vinda Professional

          Vinda Professional, a professional hygiene brand of Vinda Group. With high-quality products and considerate service, Vinda Professional provides business customers with a more comfortable and work-life environments and a trusted experience.

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